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The dog shelter is currently closed.

We are hard at work looking for a piece of land of about 1000/1500 square meters in the Utrecht region, to build the dog shelter. If you come across a piece of land of these dimensions, you are always welcome to send a message, so that we can start faster with opening a nice shelter for the future dogs.

Thanks for understanding.

dog shelter

At Doggyland the dogs are divided into packs per run. Your dog comes into the run where he can best show his preferred behavior. The runs are designed on a breed characteristic, this ensures that the dogs can show their personal preference for breed behavior and thus always express their genetic behavior. The caretakers at Doggyland keep an eye on the packs and monitor the health and behavior of the dogs. In addition, the caretakers ensure that the dogs take their rest. When a dog cannot find rest in the pack (or discussed with the owner), the dog can go inside in the afternoon to rest. The rule for the puppies is that they regularly go inside to rest from playing and to feed the puppies. All runs have shelters, fresh water and supervision of the dogs.

The races are classified according to the following eight characteristics:

puppy run

The puppy pen is for dogs from eight weeks. This run has an outdoor and indoor enclosure, the outdoor enclosure is for the puppies to play with toys and congeners. The indoor enclosure is connected with a dog door, the indoor location is covered so that it imitates a den. This gives the puppy a familiar and safe feeling, because of this they take moments of rest with their peers when they are in the run. The caretakers here keep a close eye on that the puppies go in on time to take their rest when they do not do this themselves.

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Small companion dog run

The enclosure for the small companion dogs also has an outdoor and indoor location. Because it is important for most companion dogs to have contact with people, the indoor location contains furniture to imitate a living room. This ensures that staff can have regular contact with the companion dogs, creating a homely feeling and a nice confidential place to lie down. The outdoor area is enriched with toys so that the dogs can play with other dogs of their own kind.

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Shepherds & Herders run

The stay of the herders and herders is focused on that they can lose their energy by means of herding / herding objects. An example of this is through large play balls that they can push around. In addition, the run contains a small water bath for the shepherds with an affinity for water and to cool down after/during play.

sketchup afbeelding veedrijver verblijf.

Sprint dog run

The stay for the sprint dogs is set up like a running track, this category is for dogs that like to run continuously. The track has no obstructions for the dog to avoid and consists of a flat floor of sand. In the middle of the residence is a shelter for the dogs, here the dogs can lie out of the elements. In addition, they have the option to lie on the accommodation as an extra berth.

sketchup afbeelding windhonden verblijf.

Track & Hunt dog run

The residence of the tracking and hunting dogs consists of four groups, a grassy plain, sandy plain, vegetated sandy plain and water. This category has been chosen for the different tracking, retriever and hunting dogs. This run allows the dogs to use their noses and search for objects that can be hidden by the staff. The water dogs can display their genetic behavior to retrieve objects that float in the water.

sketchup afbeelding speurhonden verblijf

watchdogs run

The stay for the guard dogs is in the middle of the site with an elevation for the guard dogs. These dogs prefer to keep an eye on the terrain all day and the elevation gives them this opportunity. For the more agile watchdogs, there is plenty of room around the platform to walk around and view the grounds. By dividing the terrain into two levels, both watchdog groups can display their behavior without being restricted by the other group.

sketchup afbeelding waakhonden verblijf.

forest run

The forest run consists of a run with extra vegetation and wood chips to imitate a natural environment. This provides extra shelter and the opportunity to isolate themselves from other dogs to create more peace of mind. In addition, this run is well suited for the diggers and they have natural protection from the elements by the trees.

sketchup afbeelding oerhonden verblijf.p

Other run

This run is extra, it can be used when a dog can't go into the other run. An example of this is when a bitch is in heat and cannot reach the males. This run is decorated depending on which dog enters the run.

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Phone number: 0652607720

Opening hours dog shelter

Monday to Friday 07:00 - 19:00

Opening hours dog school

Tuesday 19:00 - 21:00

Saturday 10:00 - 13:00

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