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Privacy Policy Doggyland

At Doggyland, we understand that it is our responsibility to protect the customer's privacy. Here you can find out what data we collect and how it is applied to the website.

This privacy policy applies to the services of Doggyland. Doggyland is not responsible for the privacy policies of other websites and companies. When you use the website you accept the privacy policy that we apply at Doggyland.

The personal data is only used for the purposes below and is never intentionally shared without added value from the customer.

Use of the website

Cookies are collected on the website, these cookies are used to optimize the website to the needs of customers. The cookies received are stored on secure servers of Doggyland and third parties, in order to protect your privacy.

Use of the services

When you sign up for a service through at Doggyland, your personal data is stored on a secure server of Doggyland or a third party. This data is not shared with other sources.

Use of the Doggyshop

When you use the Doggyshop, your personal data will be used to get your package to you. The data is stored on a secure server in time to be able to contact you about the delivery

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