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Courses at Doggyland

At Doggyland, we focus on raising the dogs. During the lessons we explain why the dog shows certain behaviour, what your dog tells you with the behavior and how you can deal with it appropriately. In addition to raising the dog, obedience is also trained during the courses, to teach your dog tricks that are useful in daily life.

The courses have an open bracket. This means that you can join the course at any time, to make sure you don't miss any information if you join later we rotate the lessons. Rotating lessons means that there is a fixed schedule for the lessons when you join later, the lessons that were given before you joined will rotate back so that you can still follow them.

What can you expect from a course at Doggyland?

  1. Clear and scientifically substantiated information​

  2. Available 6 days a week if you have questions that can't wait for the next lesson

  3. Smaller classes for a nicer learning environment

  4. Clear communication between trainer and student

Register quickly for the course by filling in the registration form or by email before the course is full.

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Time of courses

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Sign up for a course

The courses at Doggyland have a open bracket. This means that there are no start and end dates and you can join at any time during the class. In this way we ensure that you can start whenever you want.

You can sign up for a course by filling in the contact form (you can find the contact form by pressing the red sign up button):


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Phone number: 0652607720
Address: Galecopperzoom 7, 3437 PJ Nieuwegein

Opening hours dog shelter

Monday to Friday 07:00 - 19:00


Opening hours dog school

Saturday: 09:00 - 14:00

Teusday: 19:00 - 22:00

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